Services Agreement Pro Supplier Plc

2.20.1 This contract is the full and exclusive declaration of the agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement and replaces all written or written proposals, agreements and agreements. 2.1.3 Rates do not include travel, hotel or living expenses, nor does the cost of equipment and external services related to the performance of professional services. These are calculated monthly late. The client recognizes and accepts that the explicit commitments and guarantees that the entity has made in this agreement, instead of and excluding any other guarantee, condition, duration, obligation or representation of any kind, are expressly or implicitly, by law or by any other means, with respect to anything provided in the context or in connection with this agreement. , including, but not limited to: , any guarantee regarding care, skill, condition, quality, performance, marketing or adequacy for professional service or some of these services. 2.13.1 The contract comes into effect on the date on which this contract is signed by you and is valid for a minimum period of 12 months (“minimum period”) from the date the service is made available to you or for a period that we have agreed to in writing. (b) any information, material or service that is displayed or available on the “application” (including, but not exclusively, the use of chat spaces or “electronic cards”); 2.10.3 The company`s warranty obligations consist exclusively of correcting software errors and providing the corrected software to the customer. Unless otherwise stated, the application of such corrections to customer systems is outside the scope of this Agreement. The entity undertakes to do its best to provide the services described in the performance statement on the dates or deadlines specified in the performance statement. Delivery times are conditional on time being wasted due to lack of access to staff or important resources, access or authorization to important documentation or specifications, or due to customer actions or indecisions. 2.12.4 Confidentiality agreement attached to the signature.