Apple School Manager Agreement

Apple School Manager, Apple`s IT management portal, is built with students` privacy in mind. For example, administrators can create managed Apple ID accounts and class lists in Apple School Manager, which only import minimum data such as student names and registered classes. other student-provided information that the school may have in its student information system is not imported unless the school specifically decides. Schoolwork was designed to protect students` privacy. When a school activates the academic progress registration in Apple School Manager, student progress data is shared only for activities that the teacher specifically assigns as a textbook using the Schoolwork app, and only if students use their school-managed Apple ID on their device. The progress of students in activities that have not been allocated is not released or displayed. When a teacher .B. For students to read the prologue of Romeo and Juliet in iBooks, and a student also reads The Great Gatsby, the student and teacher see progress data only on the prologue, since it was the assigned reading. To ensure transparency when the progress report is active, a notification is posted to students indicating that their progress is being recorded.

Apple provides users with detailed control over how location data is managed and shared with cloud applications and services. Location services are disabled by default, but can be activated by the student if the school allows it. Authorized school officials can create and delete Apple IDs managed in Apple School Manager if necessary, and any information associated with deleted accounts will be removed from Apple`s servers within 30 days. Apple has developed a communications kit to help principals communicate with their entire learning community through their learning initiative with Apple. The kit contains templates for a customizable keynote presentation that school leaders can use in meetings with parents or the board of directors to tell the story of their initiative, from their vision of learning with technology to planning and execution, and their strategies to ensure student safety in the use of technology.