Value Of Stamp Paper For Rent Agreement In Rajasthan

(2) The exchange rate imposed by the central government for the conversion of British or foreign currencies into Indian currency, in accordance with Section 20 of Act 2 of the Indian Stamp Act (Law 2 of 1899) for the calculation of stamp duty, is considered the current exchange rate for the purposes of subsection 1.b) is a contract or agreement of any kind by correspondence consisting of two letters or more, and one of the letters bears the appropriate stamp, considered duly stamped; (b) with the intention of defrauding the government at the time of payment of money or the delivery of goods of more than 500 rupees, issuing a receipt for a maximum amount or value of five hundred rupees or separating or separating the money or property paid or delivered; punishable by a fine of up to a thousand rupees. (e) it is not included, a copy of an instrument or an oral presentation of the contents of an instrument, where stamp duty or a defective part of the stamp duty and sanction referred to in a) are paid; (i) the stamp on such a change, signed by or on behalf of the drawer, which was not accepted or used in any way or which was delivered from his hands for purposes other than an offer to acceptance: [ii) a penalty equal to 2% of the amount of the deficit tariff per month or part of it for the period in which the instrument was not sufficiently stamped , or twenty-five per cent of defective stamp duty, depending on the highest time, however, this penalty must not exceed double the defective stamp duty.] 2. In the case of real estate instruments taxed as a tax on the market value of the property, the instrument fully determines and measures the income of the property, the annual rent or, if applicable, the gross wealth, if any, local rates, municipal or other taxes. , if there is any such quality to which this quality may be subject, and any other information that may be prescribed by the provisions of this Act. (a) the assessment or evaluation that is done only for the information of a party and which is in no way binding between the parties, either by agreement or by the application of the law; or (b) in the case of transportation (including a re-assignment of mortgaged property) by the beneficiary; In the case of a lease or lease agreement by the taker or taker; (b) that a properly stamped transfer of a marketable guarantee or qualified for a properly stamped transfer of a marketable guarantee, it is subject to customs duties, as if it were an agreement or a taxable memorandum of understanding in accordance with Article 5 point c) of the calendar.