Shareware License Agreement Example

While the license fee is the most common type in a software license agreement, your agreement may include other types of fees and structures, such as. B the licensee`s installation and training fees, in order to teach the licensee and his employees or agents how he gets the most out of the software. Taxes are not included in this contract and the licensee must therefore be aware that he is responsible for all taxes that may be provided for in this contract. LegalNature`s software license agreement gives the licensee the right to obtain all maintenance licenses that may be published at the sole discretion of the licensee during the term of the contract. However, the licensee has no rights to new versions of the software. If the licensee wishes to use a new version of the software, the licensee must enter into a separate software license agreement and negotiation agreement with the licensee. LegalNature`s agreement provides for a limited guarantee of the software for six months or for the duration of the contract, depending on the duration of the contract. The warranty guarantees the licensee that the software and each maintenance version work as described, if it is properly installed, and if the software is provided on a separate medium, that the support is not defective. Everything else, if not specifically included in this section, is not guaranteed and must be accepted “as seen” by the licensee. The restricted warranty is also limited and unenforceable if the Software is used, damaged or modified incorrectly by the licensee or is incorrect due to causes that are not subject to proper control by the licensee. Licensing rules are relatively flexible and allow for different types of licences and different types of restrictions and prohibitions.

However, the document is not suitable for licensing source code; nor should it be used when copyright is transferred to software and is not allowed. Over time, you may need to modify and update the contract. By amending the contract, you can indicate your changes without having to establish an entirely new agreement. This is useful if you only have to make a few changes instead of a complete revision of the language. These clauses relate to licensing, restrictions on use, information about violations, termination of the licence, as well as disclaimers and limitations on liability. Effects of termination – What happens after the termination of the contract? If you have other legal agreements that have restrictions on the use of your application, it is a good idea to place links to all agreements close to your licensing information, as any legal agreement may relate to the next one. A software license is an authorization by the owners of a software product that allows a customer to use the product. In the software industry, products are generally licensed, rather than sold – people who pay for the software rarely “own” directly. On the contrary, they acquire, under certain conditions, a license for the use of the product. In order to enter into an economically reasonable agreement, the licensee confirms and assures each other in this section that they are incorporated companies, which may conduct transactions either under their own personal name or under the name of LLC or corporation, and who have the full right, power and ability to enter into such a contract. The fee is essentially the cost of licensing the software. It can be measured using different metrics.

Some companies prefer a lump sum for unlimited usage restrictions; others prefer to pay for their exact use, for example. B a fixed fee per user, computer used, installation or location used. LegalNature allows you to choose from all of these options to determine the appropriate price base for your agreement. Compensation is a concept to protect another party from loss or harm.