Learning Agreement Uc3M

UC3M is part of the QS Top 50 Under 50, a ranking of the 50 best universities in the world that have been created over the past 50 years. Source: QS Top Fifty ranking below 50. UC3M has signed 500 agreements with universities in 52 countries. These include some of the world`s leading universities (including 13 in the top 50 of the Shanghai rankings and 11 others are among the 21 members of the League of European Research Universities). Source:Division of International Relations based on data from the Shanghai Rankings and the League of European Research Universities. The university offers studies in economics and economics, engineering, law, communication, social sciences and humanities. Several engineering degree degrees have received the EUR-ACE quality certificate. UC3M students are able to do internships through cooperation agreements signed by the university with various companies and organizations. – Always send the email from your student account alumnos.uc3m.es To choose subjects at the destination university, you should consult the academic offer of that university yourself. You will find it in different media, such as.B.: Please check the specific requirements in English for your chosen course at the university. An internship in another country is an excellent opportunity for you: before you start your Erasmus or extra-European mobility stay at the destination university, you must draw up your study/learning agreement, which is the official document containing both the subjects of the destination university and the corresponding UC3M subjects.

If the IAT allows changes in the model, you can save them in SIGMA. To save them, follow the instructions in THE CHANGE TUTORIEL that are available on this page. If you don`t follow the tutorial, your changes may not be properly recorded. The IAT verifies that the changes you have saved match the latest version of the model and approves them in SIGMA. Before you send the template, give the Excel document a name on this model “E-2020-21-University Name and Name alumno_V1” or “MNE 2020-21-und alumno_V1 Name” and give the version number of the document to (V1 first, then V2, V3, …. and so on). The steps to follow when the IAT has approved your study contract in the SIGMA registration application: the UE-Japan Center for Public Industrial Cooperation calls each year at the end of November and can be requested until the first days of January of the following year. EL TAI will respond to its email based on the time frame. Please note that your answer may take a few days depending on the time frames of the other students you teach. Start Date: If all the themes reflected in the Excel model are approved by the IAT, it`s time to save the model`s content in the SIGMA app, never before. To record the topics, follow the study contract tutorial you have on this page. Please read carefully the following information on how to change the study agreement during your mobility stay.

– always with the same ASUNTO depending on whether it is Mobility E or MNE: humanist training materials outside the study contract during a mobility program after the meeting, Any further communication with the IAT should always be done by e-mail according to these binding rules: Study in depth the programs of the UC3M disciplines “legitimately” and those of the subjects offered at the destination university, and select those linked to those of UC3M according to the following criteria: More information in Virtual Secretariat.